Vision Statement:
Butterfly Phoenix helps people unlock their human potential for success and realized dreams. Through our personal and professional development workshops and retreats, people can create sustainable, balanced, and fulfilling lives. 
Mission Statement:
Butterfly Phoenix fosters the individual human potential by assisting people through the use of transformative workshops and retreats, on- and off-line, that allow them to tap into creativity, innovation, and knowledge that is aligned with their personal and professional goals and values.
We have passed through the Age of Information and are now emerging into the Age of Globalization. This societal transformation will change the way the world communicates, engages in business, manages resources, and provides for seven billion+ human beings.
Butterfly Phoenix, LLC, is based on Donna R. Wood’s work in the humanities and the global community, and Rebecca Ellen Augustine’s work in sociology, transformational NLP, and ministry, to facilitate change on a personal, community, national, and global level. Together, we work with businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to assist each in emerging into the global society as their best selves!
Butterfly Phoenix focuses on retreats, workshops, and conference engagements, based on our collective sixty years of experience in personal, professional, and community development.
Butterfly Phoenix, LLC, does not diagnose, dispense medical advice, or prescribe the use of the content of any workshop, presentation, the participation in any social media activities, or any on- or off-line learning content as a replacement for the diagnosis of or treatment for physical, psychological, or medical problems by your professional healthcare practitioner, either directly or indirectly.
Butterfly Phoenix's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to assist people in their quest for over-all well-being, not to replace traditional medical or psychiatric care. Always consult your health professional before implementing changes in your diet, exercise program, or other areas of your health. Never stop taking a prescription medication or change your dosage without express permission from the prescribing doctor.
We encourage our attendees and community members to seek professional advice if needed, and we advocate for their well-being through multiple channels, including and especially conventional medical & psychological modalities. We do not offer counseling, and will refer anyone who wishes to receive counseling to licensed professional counselors.
Butterfly Phoenix works with people to offer information, tools, and resources to improve their sense of well-being.
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