Releasing the Phoenix

People today have exponential opportunities to create vibrant lives filled with passion, success, and realized dreams! It's about giving you the powerful tools and information you need to make a lasting positive impact in your life!
The Releasing the Phoenix™ webinar helps you to reconnect with your inner passion, while letting go of the things that no longer add value to your life. 
In this three-hour webinar, participants will:
Learn to create mind space focused on change;
Develop the confidence to make changes; and,
Chart a course to implement change after the webinar.

You Can't Work with Us!

Incivility: The New Workplace Normal

A 2-Hour Webinar LIVE with Author, Speaker, and Social Theorist Donna R. Wood.
Includes 30-minutes of Q&A at the end of the webinar.
Incivility, Bullying, and Toxic Cultures are happening every day, in every city and country in the world.
Don't you think it's time we discuss it openly, honestly, and factually?
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