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Strategic Consultant, Donna R. Wood, specializes in rural community development. Although not Native American, Donna grew up on the Fort Berthold Reservation, in a farming community of Northwest North Dakota.
Growing up in a small farm and ranch community in Western North Dakota, I spent my youth walking in the fields of farms, or traveling the two hours to my uncle’s farm in Central North Dakota to help cultivate the one acre family garden. With dirt in my hair, sweat in my eyes, and through occasional sunburns, I learned what it meant to work.

I grew up in 4-H and FHA and the Junior Legion Auxiliary (Arthur Solie Post). I washed dishes and waitressed in the local and only restaurant at the time. I cleaned rooms at the local motel, during the oil boom of the ‘80s, graduated an honor student in my high school class. Through the eyes of a child, I watched my community boom and bust, and boom again.

After graduation from high school, I bee-lined it for the city limits to make my fortune in the world. I attended Interstate Business College in Bismarck and Fargo; graduating twice in Medical Administrative Assistant and Computer Programming – neither of which could hold my interest.

Twenty years after high school graduation, I found my love, purpose, and passion in the world, working in a small nonprofit in Fargo, North Dakota – across two states, two counties and four cities. Community Development became the place where I knew I could excel!

Creating vibrant communities that thrive in the Age of Globalization has become my life’s passion. As such, I sought out learning opportunities. Through edx.org, I was able to learn from professors around the world.

The greatest lesson I have learned in life is to build on what you have done, to reach what you are capable of doing!
I am a product of a rural community where I learned the four most important things in life: Integrity, honesty, loyalty and compassion.

Butterfly Phoenix is the culmination of thirty years of learning, growing and building. I specialize in complex problem solving, and creating real, obtainable visions for the future.
Donna is the mother of three grown children, and has three grandchildren. She believes the three keys to successful living are: Common Sense, Critical Thinking and Compassion for Others.
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