"Bloom where you are planted" 

~ St. Francis de Sales

Butterfly Phoenix focuses on rural communities, not only their survival, but their continued success into the future!

 With the onset of the Age of Globalization, rural communities struggle to keep their population, schools and other community services. 
At Butterfly Phoenix, we work with you to assist you in creating communities where people want to live and work.
There are no long-term contracts to sign, books to buy, or software to install. We come to you - live and in person.

Your Role in Our Method:

Be prepared to work. There is no one who knows and understands your community better than you do.
Be prepared to make decisions. This is not a brainstorming session.
Be prepared to present ideas. Innovation comes from within; from those who know the issues best.
Be prepared to lead.

Our Role in Our Method:

Butterfly Phoenix will never tell you - yes you should; or no you shouldn't. Our role is to facilitate the session, utilizing our planning model.
Butterfly Phoenix will take you through the planning process - keeping everyone on task and focused.
Butterfly Phoenix will help you with the framework to ensure a model is in place that will last.

Our Model:

The Butterfly Phoenix model is designed for minimal intrusion and for maximum impact.
The Butterfly Phoenix model is designed as a tool for long-term use.
The Butterfly Phoenix model is designed to be modified as necessary.
The Butterfly Phoenix model includes the ability to evaluate the impact of the plan, and the return on investment.

Our Delivery:

At Butterfly Phoenix, we belive the best method of delivery is in person. You can see us, talk to us, and ask us questions in real-time. We come to you through:
Onsite facilitation, or
Unplugged retreats.

 If you are ready to create a community

where people want to live and work, let's talk!

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