Curing Vs. Healing

Dr. Bernie Siegel, in his forward to Inna Segal’s book, The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness, expressed a truth that, like all great truths, is blisteringly obvious once it’s said: “Healing and curing are separate entities….”

Of course they are.

Curing is the remediation of disease. It is an important process, sometimes critically important, and should be sought from professionals to address physical or psychiatric disorders.

But healing is something greater, broader, and yet more diffuse. Healing is the creation of harmony in the mind-body, and the aligning of thoughts and emotions with that harmony to create an environment conducive to curing, and to health.

We are all healers, or at least have the capacity to be. We can all support ourselves and others in finding that place of peace, offering comfort for distraught emotions, and encouraging positive, uplifting, and ultimately more truthful thoughts to help achieve the inner health and harmony that is our birthright.

We can offer healing to others with simple words of kindness or thoughtful acts that cost us nothing but a bit of consideration and a few moments of our time. In this holiday season that should be joyful but in reality can be stressful, depressing, and even destructive, please consider reaching out to someone with kindness.

You hold within your heart the power to offer hope, healing, and strength. You may not realize how transforming that power can be but to someone in need it could mean everything.