The Universe:  It's More Than the Law of Attraction!

Welcome to the Universe!
Gratitude. Abundance. The Law of Attraction. Mindfulness. All buzz words born out of the 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe. All powerful in their own right, but completely useless individually. The 12 Immutable Laws control the universe - collectively. It's not mysticism, or new age mumbo jumbo. It's science. It's the Laws of Physics. It works. It will change the way you think about yourself, the world around you, and the universe itself.
In The Universe: It's More Than the Law of Attraction, we will be exploring the Law of Attraction, and its role in the 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe. We will be discovering things about ourselves, the world around us, and the universe itself. We will be learning how to activate the 12 Laws in order to bring order to the chaos of life.
If you want to change your life, change your mind. Join us for:
The Universe: It's More Than the Law of Attraction.
You will learn:
How all 12 Laws work together to manifest the physical;
How to tap into the powerful laws to make changes; and
How to create the life of abundance you've always wanted!
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