law of attraction
The Law of Attraction provides access to the field of infinite possibilities.

“The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Law of Attraction has been promoted as the answer to everything, lambasted as chicanery, put forth as the way to a new Cadillac on your driveway, and avoided as a tool of the devil.

In truth, the Law of Attraction is none of those. Like much of life, it’s about us. It’s about making internal changes to align us with our desires – and more importantly, to align our desires with us, with who we truly are.

The Law of Attraction Is Not Consumerism

This is the part the Law of Attraction that most people overlook when they try to apply it to their wants and desires.

Our culture promotes conspicuous consumption, and many people align themselves with this facet of our culture. This holds a great deal of appeal but requires little of them. Due to this alignment, they often identify themselves not by who they are but by what they have: a house in the right neighborhood, a new car, the right label on their clothes, the right store name on their shopping bags.

It’s Not About Things

But this doesn’t identify anyone; rather, it says that this person doesn’t really know who she is or what she has to offer the world. Sometimes it means the person is insecure and a little vulnerable, sometimes it means he’s a shallow thinker or lacks empathy, and sometimes it means that she’s a little naïve and inexperienced. It almost always means that the person has bought into the cultural lie that possessing things – the right things, no less – fulfills your purpose as a human and endows you with value and meaning.

But the Law of Attraction has nothing to offer such a person, especially those who have no desire to learn, grow, and give back to the world. So for those for whom “it’s all about meeeee!”, the Law of Attraction will inevitably be a disappointment.

Good Vibes

For those who are looking to expand themselves, however, the Law of Attraction has much to offer.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law governing all matter and energy. It’s not a cosmic candy machine. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. We find this principle in much of science, and in every major religion. When a principle appears in multiple disciplines almost unchanged, there is truth to it.

Those who have used the principles of the Law of Attraction effectively are those who understand that everything has a frequency. For example, in humans, the most powerful frequencies, other than those generated by the electrochemical system that is our body, are thoughts. The brain functions on various frequencies throughout the day and night, depending on what the person is doing.

Alpha Beta Theta Delta

A person just going about her daily business is generally operating in the wavelength named beta. Beta waves are fairly fast, and allow the random movement from one thought to another without much resistance.

A person who is daydreaming, studying, memorizing, or playing a musical instrument but following music exactly is using brain waves called alpha. Alpha waves are slower than beta waves, and are the brainwave of people who describe themselves as being “in the zone”.

Those who are working deeply with their creativity, mostly unaware of their surroundings while they’re working, are in theta. Theta waves are slower than alpha waves, and are associated with large creative leaps and the creation of great works of art and science. Additionally, theta brain states usually are associated with a strong use of one or more of the senses in the work being done. Additionally, those with synesthesia frequently drop into theta waves when they experience their synesthesia.

Delta waves are slower still. Most people only experience them when they’re deeply asleep, and so have no conscious memory of the delta state. Delta waves can be generated and experienced while awake, however, and are associated with deep emotional and creative shifts. Those in delta state are susceptible to suggestions from others, and it is important to make certain that no unwanted suggestions be made during delta.

Your Brain Aligns With These Frequencies

Understanding that brains have frequencies attuned to certain types of activities, the person wishing to use the Law of Attraction can enter these states to determine what would be most beneficial to attract to self and others, and to align with those frequencies. So when in alpha or theta, the person can easily align with the frequencies of the desired outcome. From that point, focusing on the outcome while entering into the brainwave state associated with it allows the desired outcome to flow into practical experience. While the exact science of how this occurs is complex, the procedure to accomplish it is easy.

But the biggest obstacle for some people is the unwillingness to become a fitting receiver of the outcomes desired and attracted.

Moreover, internal changes occur easily when aligned with the frequencies of beneficial outcomes, especially when the welfare of others is included in the desired outcome.

Ultimately, it is we who change to align with the outcome, and then nothing can stop the outcome from manifesting in the practical reality of one’s life.