Adele Geiger earned a B.S. degree in Education with an emphasis in Music from Minnesota State University Moorhead, and the University of North Dakota respectively, and is an avid participant in continuing education.

Through her career, Adele has gained an extensive background in leadership, education, and program development. As such, Adele has worked with a broad range of clients in the planning, implementation, and execution of their vision, while ensuring the end result aligns with the values of the client. The vast part of Adele’s career has involved working with, and advocating for, children and families. 

Adele’s strong interpersonal communication skills and the ability to implement her research, writing, and public speaking have served as catalysts for doing what her heart desires most…helping people.  She has been a speaker for various non-profits and outreach groups and shares her personal stories of post-traumatic growth and resiliency. She has learned that often sharing one’s own experiences shapes the interpretations of others and their ability to re-establish a healthy grounding. 

She offers insight as a Resiliency Coach through her personal experiences and learnings as to how to accept what is and to take the responsibility to adjust and adapt through trauma.  A single person or event can cause great damage to another. In spite of adversity you can master the ability to bend and not to break. You can continually reclaim your life by taking your power back and understanding that although you did not cause the adversity, it is your responsibility to repair what has been broken.  We are all warriors. Sometimes we just don’t yet have the voice outside of ourselves.  

Adele’s greatest gifts are her two children, both of whom are grown and taking on life with passion, integrity, resilience and powerful insight.  She is also a musician, avid reader, lover of the arts, great cook (according to her family), supporter of all people and their rights to empowerment and a firm believer that we all have something very important to offer this world using our unique gifts!