Aligning With Energy

“…[T]he fields generated by the hands of healers exhibit the same frequencies employed by electromagnetic healing devices. Therapists practicing Qigong and other forms of energy healing have been found to emanate large electromagnetic fields from their hands.” ~Dawson Church, PhD, “The Genie In Your Genes”

Energy can be drawn through the body and sent out through the hands or by other means (through the heart chakra, for example). It has long been said by the establishment in the West to be “all in one’s head” or “pseudoscience”.

Traditional energy systems in Asia (China, Japan, and India have well-known systems) have systematized energy work for millennia, and the mechanisms are widely understood there.

Every culture in the world has its foundation in energy work, except the modern western civilization, thanks to the so-called Enlightenment. (Oh, the irony.)

But this post is not about healing, though that is its most common application.

People who do energy work properly align themselves with the energy they will use; they adjust their frequencies to harmonize with the frequency or frequencies of the energy they intend to work with.

Once they are in harmony (oneness) the energy can flow through them with out impediment.

This principle works on every level of our lives. We can see it most often and most easily with emotions. When we’re with happy people (absent clinical depression or other psychological disorders) we become happy. When we’re with angry people, we become angry. When we’re with grieving people, we become sad.

We align our frequencies with theirs, whether we intend to do so or not. It’s our nature to align with the frequencies we experience around us and in others.

The energy is real, and measurable with existing scientific equipment. The evidence for our aligning with the frequencies of ambient energies is ubiquitous.

You can choose the energies you align with. Choose wisely.