Goals Vs. Tasks

Goals create big changes; tasks keep things the same. We need to have a balance; we need both. The mindset of achieving goals at any cost creates chaos because those people and things you already have are neglected or damaged. The mindset of maintaining and avoiding change creates stagnation and leaves you nothing to replace […]

Being Before Doing

You must become that which you want to be first and let the world follow in your tracks…. Your world faithfully and accurately reflects, not what you have put in an order for, not what you have correctly and clearly asked for, but the person you are! *  ~Genevieve Davis Every great work is just […]

The Relevant Vs. The New

“The relevant versus the new is the fundamental battle of the current age.”* The newest bright shiny thing captures our attention, dangled before us like the proverbial carrot. We chase after the newest thing because it’s faster, thinner, prettier, more powerful, has more innovative features, and is altogether better than anything we’ve had before. But […]

The Spirit of Autumn

As summer fades into autumn, we enter a time often filled with introspection. For those of us over the age of 40, we begin to enter the autumn years of our lives. We start to wonder about the important things like ‘what do I really believe?’ In the autumn season, this question amps up in […]

A Small Change in Perspective

A change in perspective can bring about healing. I think we often underestimate the importance of spiritual and emotional healing. The wounds aren’t visible, so they’re easy to hide. But they’re there, causing you pain, stopping you from reaching your potential, leaching the joy from your life, preventing you from finding satisfaction or contentment. Those […]