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Seek a life of value and meaning by identifying your unique gifts and passions, and living them abundantly.

Discover Your Life Purpose

Create an Extraordinary Life of Meaning and Value

Do you know what sets your soul on fire? How do you discover your life purpose? Most people keep themselves so busy doing that they have no idea who they truly are or what their true purpose is.

Your experiences and the wisdom you gained from them contribute to the person you have become; build on them to transform your life into the extraordinary experience it is meant to be.

Everyone has innate talents and learned skills. Sometimes, though, the skills we’ve learned and the abilities we’ve honed earn us a living but don’t feed our souls.

Do you know who you truly are deep inside yourself?

Have you put on an identity to do your work and meet your responsibilities that doesn’t entirely resonate with your soul?

Do you feel like you missed your calling? Lots of people do, but many try not to think about it too much. They believe they can’t become what they always wanted to be.

But you’re never too old to make a fresh start. And now your knowledge and experience can lead you to fulfill your destiny with more wisdom and courage.

If you are ready to discover your purpose and create meaning for your life, if you want to identify your true passions and live them out, then we can help you move forward.

Butterfly Phoenix, LLC, gives you the tools to discover your heart’s desire, and equips you to explore your passions so you can create a life of meaning and purpose.

Emerge transformed and on fire!

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. Butterfly Phoenix

Our clients are men and women (18 years+), regardless of gender identification, who seek a life of value and meaning for themselves by identifying their unique gifts and passions and living them abundantly.