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I am an ordained interfaith minister who can help you celebrate all the important transitions in life. From blessing way ceremonies to burials, and all the joyous, beautiful moments in between, we can create a meaningful ceremony for you to mark your special occasion.

I offer a healing, calm, accepting presence, and hold space for people to explore their spirituality, and grow into the fullness of their own beliefs.

I am also a professional member of the First Responder Chaplain Division of the Spiritual Care Association. 

Recognized as a Human Rights Defender by Amnesty International, I advocate for personal and social change through conscious action. 

Holistic Coach and Instructor
Celebrations of Life Services

Wedding Officiant

I officiate weddings as often as I am privileged to do so


I offer interfaith ministerial and chaplaincy services to those who wish to access them.

Dark Night of the Soul

Life Stage Services

From cradle to grave, there are moments of celebration in our lives.  I create meaningful ceremonies for you. 

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