Feed Your Soul With Laughter

By: Adele Geiger, Resiliency Coach

There is a therapeutic benefit to laughter.  I realized this the most at some of the hardest times in my life.  Laughing in the face of adversity creates a balance that we need in our lives. 

It’s not so much that it shows strength or courage, although I think that as we grow into this kind of laughter, it does. It’s more that you begin to realize that if you don’t laugh sometimes in the hard moments you’ll always cry.  I’ve learned to find ways to talk about difficult situations in a funny sort of way…a laugh out loud sort of way.  Not all the time.  But some of the time.  Now I make a point of finding amusing things to read or watch on TV. The kind that makes happy tears roll down your face and you can barely catch your breath.  The kind of laughing that makes your whole-body smile. 

Laughter is magic!  What would we do without it?  Life is messy and hard, so grab onto every good moment for all it’s worth and celebrate. Make it last as long as you can.

Cry when you need to…absolutely!  But after a really good cry, find another reason to smile. 

Look for joy.  Laugh intentionally.  It doesn’t change your circumstances, but it helps you create an awareness that the option to smile and laugh is available.

My children were six and eight when we were shell shocked into a completely different life.  One of the dearest memories I have about that time is getting into our pajamas every evening under warm blankets and reading Junie B. Jones books to them. Their laughter was the most beautiful thing I will ever hear.  We were going through the depths of despair.  And yes, there were many tears.  But in those moments snuggled up together under the covers, the laughter saved us. 

In your deepest and darkest nights of your soul, you’ll need the laughter the most.  It will help to pull you into a safer place and create a sense of spiritual wellbeing to continue to lead a meaningful life. 

Laughter feeds your soul!