Are YOU ready to LEAP!?

Indecision steals many years from many people who wind up wishing they’d just had the courage to leap” ~ Doe Zantamada

Transformation isn’t just deciding to become something or someone else, and then faking it until you make it. Transformation requires serious internal work. We have to look at what is there and then decide what to keep and what to discard, or put away. Only in this way will we know where we are starting from, and be able to make a plan to create the lives we always wanted, rather than accepting the life we have.

If you are bored, disengaged, or simply dissatisfied with the life you are currently living, maybe it’s time to make the leap and start living again!

If you want to create positive change in your life, it takes courage and faith. Change requires the courage to move forward in spite of obstacles – real or imagined – and the faith in your own abilities to succeed.

The LEAP Program assists you in identifying what is holding you back, and to create a concrete plan that moves you forward.

  • Maybe you’re a young adult trying to make your way in a world that you weren’t prepared for.
  • Maybe you’re a mid-lifer trying to make your way in a world where you don’t know what comes next.
  • Maybe you’ve moved on from a relationship and are wondering what you should do now.

No matter who you are, or where you are in your life, the LEAP Program is designed to give you actionable tools to create the life you want to live, rather than accepting the one that you have.

Ray Bradbury once said, “First you jump off the cliff, and you build your wings on the way down”. The trouble with jumping off a cliff is that it can be frightening, paralyzing, and even dangerous if you don’t have a plan before the Leap.

You’ve probably been thinking about your leap for months, maybe even years. It’s that big dream that keeps you awake at night, wondering how to bring it to reality. It’s that big dream that one day things will be different; better. It’s the big dream that melts away with the rising of the sun and the current reality of your life.

Making the decision to leap is the most difficult part of the journey. Up to this point, your big dream has been just that – a dream for some day, when the time is right. The reality is that you are the only one who can say when, but most often, fear prevents some day from ever coming.

The metamorphosis of your big dream to reality begins with understanding what it is that you really want or need to change in your life, and why.