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Well-Being Moment

Heart and Soul – The Art of Forgiveness

By: Donna R. Wood “In the corner of my mind stands a jukebox. It’s playing all my favorite memories…” ~ Alabama, (1990) written by Dave Gibson & Ronnie Rogers Music has a way of connecting us with memories, some of which are not so pleasant. As a young person, I often dropped an imaginary quarter …

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Attitudes of Well-Being

By: Donna R. Wood Well-Being and happiness are not the same thing. Well-being is an overall sense of being at peace with life as it was, as it is, and as it may yet be; a peace that can only be achieved by how one views life in general. In this article, we will cover …

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Is Anyone Out There?

By: Donna R. Wood, Existential Coach The season of Advent begins tomorrow, December 1st, for those on the Christian path. It is a season of wonder, waiting, and the hope for better days to come. For most, Advent is the most wonderful time of the year. The hustle and bustle of the spirit of Christmas …

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