• Everything Is Energy


    When we’re comfortable with someone or with a group, we say we ‘resonate’ with them. The people with whom we surround ourselves tend to vibrate at the same frequency that we do, and vice versa.

    This resonance means that we behave in ways that resonate with the ways our friends behave. It also explains why it’s so hard to join a group of people who don’t resonate on our frequencies. We just never quite seem to fit in, no matter how nice the people in the new group seem to be.

    Yet to a point, we can choose what kind of vibrations we incorporate. That choice is made largely by the kinds of ideas that we consume.

    If we fill our minds with angry thoughts – anger at prejudice against a minority group, for example – we give off the vibrations of anger. Others who are also angry will gravitate toward us, and we will be attracted by images and ideas that resonate with the vibration of anger we have adopted. In addition, we may infuse that vibration with self-justification, self-righteousness, fear, helplessness, or resentment.

    Notice that the idea is strongly linked to a powerful emotion: in the example above, it is the idea of social injustice combined with anger.

    Combining powerful images and ideas with even more emotion strengthens our vibration and begins to influence our self-identity and to change our perception of the world around us: when we have a hammer, all the world is a nail.

    We need to be aware of the ideas and the emotions we consume, because if we don’t, they will ultimately decide for us who we are, who our friends are, and the kinds of actions we take and decisions we make. We can be aware of injustice, for example, and even work to mitigate it, without immersing ourselves in the vibrations of outrage, divisiveness, and hate.

    Immersing ourselves in love and acceptance allows us to act without harm to ourselves or others while still rejecting injustice. The frequencies of love empower us to make positive changes and to be positive people, to resonate with those who make the world a better place.

  • Everything Is Energy

    Aligning With Energy

    Aligning With Energy

    “…[T]he fields generated by the hands of healers exhibit the same frequencies employed by electromagnetic healing devices. Therapists practicing Qigong and other forms of energy healing have been found to emanate large electromagnetic fields from their hands.” ~Dawson Church, PhD, “The Genie In Your Genes”

    Energy can be drawn through the body and sent out through the hands or by other means (through the heart chakra, for example). It has long been said by the establishment in the West to be “all in one’s head” or “pseudoscience”.

    Traditional energy systems in Asia (China, Japan, and India have well-known systems) have systematized energy work for millennia, and the mechanisms are widely understood there.

    Every culture in the world has its foundation in energy work, except the modern western civilization, thanks to the so-called Enlightenment. (Oh, the irony.)

    But this post is not about healing, though that is its most common application.

    People who do energy work properly align themselves with the energy they will use; they adjust their frequencies to harmonize with the frequency or frequencies of the energy they intend to work with.

    Once they are in harmony (oneness) the energy can flow through them with out impediment.

    This principle works on every level of our lives. We can see it most often and most easily with emotions. When we’re with happy people (absent clinical depression or other psychological disorders) we become happy. When we’re with angry people, we become angry. When we’re with grieving people, we become sad.

    We align our frequencies with theirs, whether we intend to do so or not. It’s our nature to align with the frequencies we experience around us and in others.

    The energy is real, and measurable with existing scientific equipment. The evidence for our aligning with the frequencies of ambient energies is ubiquitous.

    You can choose the energies you align with. Choose wisely.

  • Goals and Action

    Goals Vs. Tasks

    Goals create big changes; tasks keep things the same.

    We need to have a balance; we need both.

    The mindset of achieving goals at any cost creates chaos because those people and things you already have are neglected or damaged.

    The mindset of maintaining and avoiding change creates stagnation and leaves you nothing to replace those things that wear out or break, or the people who move out of our lives for their own reasons.

    A balance of creation and maintenance allows both change and preservation. Trees spend the spring madly creating new tissue, and they spend the rest of the year solidifying and integrating the tissue they created in the spring.

    A goal and a task are not the same thing. If you can just take the correct action and get the result you want, that is not a goal; it’s a task. And lots of us could use some support and encouragement to get our tasks done.

    Routine work like home maintenance, yard maintenance, car maintenance, parts of your job at work are tasks. No special techniques are needed, just the necessary tools and supplies, and enough time to do the work. And maybe a little motivation is in order, too, like a self-directed kick in the behind.

    A goal is a large change in ourselves or our lives. This could be a career change, a move, a relationship change (in any kind of relationship, not necessarily just in an intimate relationship), or anything that could be considered disruptive if it weren’t our choice to change.

    Goals require many steps to accomplish them, oftentimes specialized techniques or tools, and a huge amount of work. They do not maintain what we have but rather change what we have in a fundamental way. Goals often require more than one person working together to accomplish, and they impact both people and things. The hope is that the impact is positive for all concerned.

    So seek balance, and work on both your tasks and your goals.

  • Personal Development

    The Key to Change

    “And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been … and let us see that we learn to take it without letting fall too much of what it has to bestow upon those who demand of it … great things.”
    ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke, 1892-1910

    The new year holds such promise, with its clean slate and its fresh beginning. We can almost feel the field of infinite possibilities unfolding before us as we look ahead unencumbered by our past that we left behind in the old year.

    We feel passionate, hopeful, eager for transformation, seeing the world with new eyes so that the world looks new again, filled with the promise of “things that have never been”.

    We believe that this time, things will be different, we will be different, and our lives will become what we want them to be. We even understand the magnitude of the effort and time involved in the transformations we ask of the new year, and are willing to put in that effort and time to accomplish them.

    So how do we find ourselves in the same situation we left behind, year after year? How do we lose sight of the bright shining future we envisioned for the new year yet again?

    The key lies hidden in plain sight, as it so often does: at the new year, we choose to see the possibilities, we stoke the fires of desire for transformation, for evolution, for growth and change, and perhaps most importantly, we let go of the past, releasing it to stay in the past, in the old year that’s ending.

    You see, as long as we’re holding onto the past, we can’t create a new future. As long as we feel emotions like anger, regret, sorrow, grief, frustration, annoyance, vengeance, we are tied to the past by the strongest of cords.

    The key to lasting, effective change is simply to allow the past to stay in the past instead of holding onto it by reliving our emotions.

    During the holidays, we have a break from our routines, along with a festive spirit and (hopefully) time away from work to relax with family or friends. Because we have broken our routines, our minds have become more open to new possibilities, and our focus is on the future.

    We often feel emotional about what the future could hold as well, and we’re ready to open our hands and our hearts and let the past fall out and lie amongst the ashes, where it belongs, while we turn our eyes and minds toward the horizon and the shining new year rising before us, replete with promise and possibility.

    This year, keep your eyes on the future. It will be bright, because it will be what you create. Allow the past to remain behind you, unseen and unfelt. You have lived through it once; carrying the past with you will not mitigate its effects; rather, you will strengthen it by pouring emotional energy into it.

    Pour your emotional energy into your future instead, into the infinite field of possibilities lying before you. You have the ability to choose the future you want to walk into; you can create the life you want to live. Study the possibilities with an open mind and an open heart, thrill with the possibilities, infuse them with positive emotions, and start working to manifest your dreams.

    It’s time to set down your baggage and leave it in the past. Turn your eyes to the horizon and embrace the promise of the new year.