Month: August 2018

  • Loneliness and Social Well-Being

    Social Well-Being According to Health Insurer Cigna’s 2018 U.S. Loneliness Index, 46% of Americans feel lonely sometimes or always. 47% feel left out sometimes or always. 43% feel isolated from others. Moreover, 43% feel like they don’t experience companionship, or their relationships lack meaning. Technology plays a role in the epidemic of loneliness. However, according […]

  • Incivility: The New Workplace Normal

    Incivility: The New Workplace Normal

    Incivility exists all around: at work, at home, at sporting events, at church, and really anywhere other people congregate. You  can get blindsided by it, leaving you wondering how to respond. What Is Incivility? In a nutshell, personal incivility means treating another person discourteously and disrespectfully. Often harm is implied or intended. In other words, […]

  • Hygge and Lagom: The Key to Contentment

    What my Great-Aunt Dagmar knew about hygge and lagom,  and why you might want to know about them, too. ‘Hygge’ and ‘lagom’ are Danish words, and the Danes have built their entire culture around these ideas. In addition, the concepts characterize most of Scandinavia as well as France to one degree or another. The concepts […]

  • Summer Vacation Self-Care

    Personal Well-Being The warmth of the summer sun creates the perfect setting for summer self-care. It’s the time of the year when many people are out and about among the masses. We’re on the beaches, in the woods, and on planes, trains, and automobiles, traveling to the homes of our families and friends, or to […]