Topic Category: identity crisis

  • The Role of Change and Transformation

    Change and transformation in our lives is what allows for our personal growth. As babies, we are born into an existence in which we are completely dependent upon those who care for us. Our dependence on these others forms our foundational survival skills and our worldview. We adopt the survival skills of our caregivers, as […]

  • Conclusion

    When we learn to observe ourselves, without judgment, we allow ourselves to see ourselves as we really are, instead of as we wish we were. Creating space and focusing provides us with the ways and means of developing a daily practice of ‘checking in‘ with ourselves, and understanding why we are feeling the way we […]

  • Focusing

    If you meditate regularly or do relaxation exercises, you might want to make sure that you don’t become too relaxed during this exercise. Sometimes you may have to move to feel certain parts of your body. Step 1:  Direct your attention inside the body: Find a quiet place (your physical sacred space), and make sure […]

  • Creating Space

    Clearing a Space is an exercise in awareness of what’s going on inside of you and creating some space between you and anything that may distract you. This can help you to take a moment to relax before you begin to explore a specific thought, idea, or task. Exercise Instructions: Ensure that you are sitting […]

  • The Inner Observer

    When we talk about the Inner-Observer, we begin to understand how important the process of suspending judgment really is, because we are observing ourselves. What is the Inner Observer? The Inner-Observer is the part of ourselves that is neutral and non-judgmental. It’s the part of us that allows us to witness our thoughts, feelings, and […]

  • My Story

    Like most people, my life hasn’t been perfect. I have literally witnessed things and experienced things I never want to see or do again. I could list all the tragic moments of my life, starting with being born with a congenital heart defect, and ending with finding myself in the deep chasm of an identity […]

  • Meeting Yourself Where You Are

    For this course, you will need to understand and practice the suspension of judgment. We all judge ourselves and others on a continuous basis. Why? Because it is part of our natural state of being, and the fact that it serves our ego. Judgment implies a determination of less than or greater than something or […]

  • Introduction

    Welcome to “Beyond Self-Care: Facing the Unknown”, I am, Existentialist, Donna R. Wood, with Butterfly Phoenix, and a certified existential well-being trainer! Today, I welcome you to the journey through the unknown, where we connect with what it means to be a human being at the deepest levels, and gain the courage, confidence, and commitment […]