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Soulfire Program™

Donna has spent the last several months creating the first two courses in the Soulfire Program™. The Soulfire Program has 2 online courses available now on Udemy, and the next 2 available in the coming months.

Reclaiming Your Sacred Self: Designed to assist people to lean-in to their current beliefs, and inspire the light within themselves. Available now.

Accessing the Extraordinary: Designed to assist people to understand how our thoughts lead to the realities that we live. How to break through limited thinking and become the extraordinary person you are. Available now.

Tapping the Infinite: Designed to assist people to transition from scarcity thinking to abundant thinking. This course defines abundance as more than just personal wealth. (Available by year-end)

Manifesting You: Designed to assist people to transition to become what they want to attract into their lives. (Available by year-end)

The Soulfire Program™ is a collection of programs that can stand alone, or be used together, to give people tools and techniques to create the lives they want to live, rather than accepting the life they have.